Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Far-Flung Connections and Opportunities

Lots of news in the past week! CTTA now has a web developer, who is creating our professional web page at Even more exciting, the developer is working on our SQL database, which will be free online. Users searching for green products or companies simply enter the category they want, and are directed to the matching information. If users don’t find their category, the search engine will automatically prompt them to email CTTA, and one of us will provide what’s needed.
Mark and Dianne are getting set for their big trip on CTTA’s behalf. They will begin networking with folks at the United Nations regarding trade and economic development on July 20. On July 21 they travel to Duchess County, New York, and check in with Laurie Rich, CTTA’s business development director. Accompanied by Laurie, they will meet with state and county legislators in Duchess County to spread the word, answer questions about our goals and forge alliances.
The second half of the trip takes them to California, where they’ll be discussing the benefits of membership with three corporations: Ozone International, Nummi Motors, and SunPower Corporation.
CTTA has also begun discussions with a prominent labor union locally on green-collar jobs and job development. More on that soon!
Another big step forward: we’ve chosen DeCarbonize, Limited, a corporation in the UK, to build our green tech certification framework. CEO Dr. Belinda Howell will manage the certification teams. Welcome, Belinda and DeCarbonize!