Monday, December 29, 2008

The Clean Technology Trade Alliance concept

The Clean Technology Trade Alliance (CTTA) is an audacious, bold and if our friends are correct, crazy concept designed to enter the United States into the global clean technology market place. There is so much to say about this that I will need to break it out in several posts and responses to reader questions,, when I can. The important point for now is that the RCTTA plan addresses entry in a regional manner with the first planned entity in the Northwest, encompassing Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska and BC. A lot of territory, yes, but it represents the same population and industrial base as Northern California. The Northwest Clean Technology Trade Alliance is in the process of fund raising the estimated $6,000,000 needed to operate the first four years until it becomes sustained by its membership. Later regional efforts will be less expensive due to the successes CTTA will deliver to its members during the proof of concept phase. All CTTA organizations are designed to be performance based, they need to deliver business to their members to continue to exist and achieve the goal of a true and real US clean technology market presence. Finally, the Small Business Administration repeatedly state in their statistics that 80% of all economic growth comes from small to mid sized businesses, including jobs. Yet the only resources available to this sector is in the form of equity or asset based loans with layers of restrictions and red tape. What most small and midsized businesses need is operational, sales and marketing capital. The CTTA project will not immediately assist with operational capital but is does greatly expand the sales and marketing capacity of its members by providing a trained, experiences sales and marketing force the will gain the members market access. To see the executive summary and current presentation look at our linkedIn page, Mark Frost, Partner at MD Business Infrastructure Service. Input, suggestions, inquires and funding are all appreciated.

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