Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mark Frost
Clean Technology Trade Alliance
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New “Clean Technology Trade Alliance” To Help to Create Green Jobs by Working to Identify and Grow Cleantech Businesses The Clean Technology Trade Alliance (CTTA), a Seattle area based organization has formed to help create a successful, clean technology business cluster by aggressively promoting its members into the existing global and emerging domestic clean technology markets, which will result in an increased demand for green jobs. The organization will officially launch on Earth Day, a global day of observance of the need to protect the earth, which is celebrated on April 22.

CTTA is focusing on business development and business growth through market access and the promotion of inherent synergies between members and markets to achieve clean technology development. Performance based CTTA is set up to measure success for its members and itself, creating metrics at every level, utilizing the developing toolset to collect and share information. CTTA uses partnerships, business analysis, good relationship sales and a developing tool set of information technology, analysts and customer specialists to deliver opportunities for business and profitability to CTTA members. “It is far better, cheaper and more effective to identify clean technology companies that already exist and promote them, than to recruit or incubate them. It is time for clean technology to move from a predominantly social/public focus to a business focus, “said CTTA Board member Jim Craswell.

CTTA is working to achieve economic development and form key clean tech partnerships, like the one formed with enterpriseSeattle, ( ) the 35 year old enterprise development organization that works to grow jobs and the tax base in the greater Puget Sound region. “Modern technology has made it so easy, but it still takes a commitment. We need people like Mark Frost, CTTA’s executive director, to catalyze the process,” said Steve Gerritson, Business Development Manager of enterpriseSeattle. As part of the organization’s launch, CTTA will sponsor of The Puget Sound Clean Technology Business Tour for Washington State Legislators. The following legislators are scheduled to participate...
• US Senator Cantwell
• US Senator Murray
• US Congressman Dicks
• US Congressman Inslee
• US Congressman McDermott
• US Congressman Smith
• WA State Senator Rockefeller
• WA State Representative McCoy
• Kitsap County Commissioner Charlotte Garrido
• City of Shoreline Mayor Cindy Ryu
• City of Shoreline Economic Development Manager Mark Mayuga

For more information about Clean Technology Trade Alliance, including information about the organization’s Earth Day launch, membership information, or partnership development, call (866) 685-6417, (360) 692-7286 or visit the website at

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