Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Contacts and a New Member

CTTA is pleased to announce that on August 27, 2009, Green in Greene Inc. of Greene County, New York, will become our first member in New York State. They will be presented with their membership plaque at the Dutchess County Fair in Rhinebeck, New York. We send them our heartiest congratulations and a warm welcome. So if you’re in Dutchess County, New York come on by and witness the ceremony first hand and visit us at our booth in the Green Initiative Tent. We’d love to see you.

In more Dutchess County news, a legislator for the county is putting forth a referendum for county membership in CTTA. We are in conversations with neighboring New York counties to follow suit.

Work on our website is proceeding quickly. We urge anyone who is a talented data modeler with SQL experience to join our team, either as a volunteer or working on a contract, as we don’t have full funding yet. Please contact Mark Frost at CTTA.

The Alliance is in discussions with other governmental groups besides Dutchess County. James J. Molinari, the state director for Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, requested and has been sent a proposal to modify the business plan for NUMMI Motors in Fremont, CA. For more details about NUMMI Motors, please see the attached article from the “San Francisco Chronicle.”

Closer to home, Ms. Kristin√© Reeves, Washington Senator Patty Murray’s area director for the Kitsap Peninsula, has received a CTTA information packet including a one-page summary for the senator, a prospectus, biographies, references, and letters of endorsement. Senator Murray is reviewing the possibilities of identifying funding for us.

Local glass artist Lisa Stirrett has been awarded the contract to make our membership plaques. Ms. Stirrett’s work can also be seen in many Kitsap locations, including the Kitsap Conference Center, the Bremerton Transit Center, and Anthony’s Homeport Restaurant in Bremerton. You can check out some of her art here on her website at

At a recent meeting with Enterprise Seattle, we updated our partners on the latest CTTA developments. They will be assisting us in setting up our October fundraiser in Seattle. Look for more news in the near future.

We have finalized the deal with Ms. Belinda Howell and her company, DeCarbonize, Ltd., to create the certification framework used by CTTA to certify companies in their clean tech status. Ms. Howell has worked with the British mining industry and the fragrance industry, and is currently working with the World Bank. We look forward to using her framework.

In more local news Mark Frost and CTTA support the Port of Bremerton CEO’s analysis on the SEED project. Mark met with Mr. Bozeman before this decision was made and Mark’s input influenced the final analysis. The port has also named CTTA as one of the entities they will look to for further input as they chart their future with bringing clean tech jobs into Kitsap County.

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